Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meal Planning

We've been horrible at eating out.  And by that I mean we eat out waaay too much.  We both work full time and don't have kids, so we have a little wiggle room with finances.  HOWEVER, we need to save money!  And eating out all the time is not the way to save money!

If you search for "Crockpot meals" on Pinterest you will quickly become overwhelmed.  The reason I've never done the crockpot meals before is because there are way too many options, most of the recipes are super unhealthy, and there aren't readily available shopping lists.

But search no more, I've found the site for you!

The link below will take you to 8 freeze-ahead crockpot meals.  Each meal is intended to serve a whole family, so for us one meal will last awhile (dinner and lunch the next day, at least).  What I like about these meals is that they are pretty customizable to your preferences and can easily be made gluten-free and organic.  I used all organic, free range chicken, organic and grass fed beef, and organic vegetables.

On the site they provide a printable shopping list and printable recipe instructions.  No copying and pasting needed!  Have a look and let me know if you do it.

I assembled the meals today, and while it took longer than 1 hour, I think it was worth it.  Peter said, "I can't wait to eat all this food!"


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mid-Month Check-in and Links

Today was a crappy day.

This morning while washing dishes I stabbed my finger with a pair of scissors.  So I gave up on washing dishes and decided to rearrange the living room furniture.  And the bookshelf fell over on top of me, scraping my arm and leg in the process.  Peter and I got into a fight, and I was pretty grumpy for a few hours.  Later on we went to the store to get some plants and I smashed my hand in the shopping cart.

Fun day.

So instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself (which I already did a little bit of this morning), I decided to take my laptop to Barnes and Noble and write a little blog post.

Life Updates:

I'm extremely grumpy.  I was grumpy all last week.  And I expect I'll be grumpy this week, too.  Such is life, right?

Monthly Goals Check-in:

Haven't saved very much money.  We had to pay first and last month's rent, plus a quarter of a month's rent at our old place (the leases overlapped), plus all the fees for transferring all our electric, internet, etc.  So money has been a little tight this month.

Haven't made our house feel like home, yet.  Haven't even unpacked all our stuff, yet...

Um... yeah I've eaten some sugar.  But heck it was Valentine's month!  A little bit of chocolate was to be expected, right?

Haven't even touched blogilates yet...

So far, no bueno.  Maybe the second half of the month will be better?  (I'm going to guess not. haha!)


I want to make this garland for my office.

This is really clever.

5 ways to naturally purify your home.

I'm going to try this recipe tonight.

Post like this make me wish I were an artist.