Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fresh face

We've been having the school theater productions at school this week and so many parents think I'm a student... Despite the fact that the students wear uniforms and I dress in professional attire AND have a teacher name tag... Anyway... One parent met me today, did the usual exclaiming about how young I look, then said, "Well I'm a dermatologist and I just have to say you have amazing skin and that's mostly why you look so young!" 

Well how could I be offended at that? 

So I decided to take this opportunity to plug my mom's business. I've been using Mary Kay skin care for about 10 years now and I've always gotten compliments about my skin... I use the full range of products. Face wash, toner, night solution, moisturizer... Every night. So far so good! 

Shameless selfie...

If you're interest in trying it out, you can email my mom, Ruth, at ruthielaine@marykay.com or order from her website www.marykay.com/ruthielaine. She ships anywhere, within reason. 

Maybe I'll convince her to do a giveaway on the blog soon. Stay tuned. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Advantage of a Bath

Do you prefer baths or showers?

I've heard there are many advantages to taking baths.

They can help relieve certain skin conditions, infuse good things into your body (depending on what you choose to soak in), and are generally relaxing.

I love taking baths.

I just now realized one particular reason why I love baths so much.

I've made it about half way through one of my favorite books in the past 2 days, merely by reading during my nightly baths.

I don't take electronics into the bathroom (ever since 2009 when I accidentally dropped my cell phone into the toilet...), so baths are a time when I'm forced to read "real" books.  If I'm just sitting on my couch I might be surfing the web, watching YouTube, grading papers, or listening to music.  But in the bath, I read.

This week I've been re-reading a few books from the Mitford series, by Jan Karon.  They are some of my favorite books.  Why does a 20-something-year-old love books about a 60 year old Episcopal priest?  I don't know, there's just something about the books that are so endearing.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share my recent revelation.  Now I'm off to read some more!



Monday, October 13, 2014

My lips but better

Have you heard of the term, "My lips but better?"  It's a term used to describe lipstick or lipgloss that enhances your lip color but isn't too drastic or bold.

One of my favorite lip products of all time is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain.  They feel like moisturizing balm yet leave the lips with a nice stain.  You can talk, eat, kiss, whatever, and the color stays on.  The balm wears off after awhile, but you can put any lip balm over the stain and it looks great and lasts all day.  I have the colors Sweetheart and Smitten (bright pink and bright fuchsia), and even though I love them, Peter hates them.  He hates when I wear anything "too bold" on my lips.

So when I was in Rite Aid, I randomly picked up the color, "Honey."  And when I went to put it on I just cracked up laughing because it looks exactly like my lips.  The color is almost completely the same as my natural lip color, it's just slightly darker.

To illustrate - my natural lips on the left, "Honey" on the right.

No makeup again...

Up close and personal...
I have weird discoloration under my bottom lip that makes it look like I overdrew my lips, but I didn't!

It's no Dior Addict Lip Glow, but it has Peter's stamp of approval, and I like it a lot.  What do you think?

What's your favorite "My lips but better" product these days?



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