Thursday, April 17, 2014

Petropolis, Brazil - The Cathedral

Well now I'm finally sharing the photos of the cathedral.  Don't blame me - I kept asking Peter for them, but he was super busy.

This cathedral isn't as grand as most of the cathedrals in Europe, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.  And it's in Brazil...

trying to be artistic...

I loved the layers of triangles, circles, and squares

The cathedral is, obviously, very beautiful, and we were grateful that something was open for exploration that day (we went on Ash Wednesday, not realizing it's considered a holiday in Brazil and literally everything was closed, even restaurants, except for the Catholic church, of course).

We can't wait to go back to Petropolis and look around at all the other historically cool buildings, museums, homes, gardens, etc.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some updates

Hi Folks,

Well I've changed my blog header for the millionth time, but I think it's going to stay in some sort of version of this one for awhile.  I like it!

Also, I've added Disqus for comments.  One thing I noticed about Blogger comments is that it doesn't notify me if someone replied to my comment, or if someone replied to my comments, etc. etc..  So if you comment on my blog (using Blogger) and I reply, you will have no idea unless you hunt down your comment again.  Very frustrating.  So I decided to switch to Disqus, because I find it sooo much easier for keeping track of comments.

I have been using Disqus to interact on other peoples' blogs, and I LOVE it.  It's so easy to keep track of where you've commented, who has replied to whom, etc.  I highly suggest you create a Disqus account and use it for blog commenting (including commenting on Alone with my tea).  You will get an email if I reply to your comment, and everyone will be happy knowing that everyone's voices, opinions, and comments have been heard!

Thanks for reading, and I promise there are some more interesting posts coming up soon!



In case you missed it:
How cute is this old man?
How do you stay organized?

"Bom Dia"

There's an adorable old man who lives in our complex.  Every day his caretaker takes him out into the neighborhood for the slowest walk you've ever seen.  He holds onto her arm and shuffles along, as happy as a clam.  This man may be small and handicapped, but he has the loudest voice.  He shouts "Bom dia" (good morning) to every single person that is within eye shot.  Yes, eye shot.  And, sometimes, he continues to shout "bom dia" at you even after you've replied and walked by.  I've also seen and heard him lecture random passers-by for not smiling, he tells every woman she is beautiful, and he wishes everyone a happy day.

This old man makes me and Peter smile every time we see (or hear from on the boat across the river) him.



P.S.  If you walk past without saying "bom dia" to him, he will shout continuously louder and insistently at you until you turn around and acknowledge his greeting.

P.P.S. I drew the old man using a cane, but in reality he walks with the assistance of his caretaker.  I didn't really know how to draw the caretaker, but I think the essence of the situation is still portrayed in the cartoon.  :)